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A giant, delicious 3D burger. Between the two buns and one slab of melty cheese is no meat, however. It is the words representing the thickest, juciest comedy entity in the DMV: "Show Burger". Just because we love drama, there are marquee lights lining the word "show".
“Earnest, evocative, slightly flatulent.”

a hypothetical future reviewer, probably

Hi, we're Showburger.

Grass fed, locally sourced comedy, with multimedia fixin’s piled high on two sesame seed buns, guaranteed to bust your gut.

Showburger is a comedy company located in the DMV area. (DC, Maryland, Virginia. not the Department of Motor Vehicles, although we're open to whatever).

Yet another burger. The buns: buns. The cheese: Comedy. The meat: Test kitchen. The lettuce: With Rae and Scott of. The tomato: Showburger. (Yeah, yeah, the ingredients aren't in the standard order. That's because we're innovative, and also this looked pretty and we didn't want to argue with our graphic designer. Below the burger, a slogan: Get Messy. Get Goofy. Get Cookin'.
Comedy Test Kitchen

A Pay-What-You-Want workshop and writers room for comedy newbies and nerds. Produced in partnership with Flying V Theatre.​


One Monday per month, 6:30-9:30pm

Silver Spring Black Box Theatre

Next events: 

April 17

May 15

June 12

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